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Dee's Vision for her Caravelle was to transform it into a Calm Space
keeping everything neutral and simple.  This is Dee just before
picking up the trailer and taking her to the Upholstery Shop.

Below we show you the process:
Caravel Passenger Side
Caravel Driver Side
Clear Coat will need to
be removed before polishing.
Close Up on the Rear Cap Dent
Caravel Rear
Driver Side Boo Boo
We'll do the Outside First.
This is how it came into
Sierra Trailer.  Red Arrows
show Body Work that Needs
to be done
prior to clear coat removal
and polishing.
Rear Dent Removed - Anything you see here will Polish Out
In this section we show Removing the Dents & Prep Work for Polishing
Side Panel Removed
Side Panel Replacement Process
New Side ~ Looking Good!
Here we go on the Two Rear Dented Panels
Two Rear Dented Panels Removed
Replacement Panels for a 1965 Caravel are no longer available for purchase so we are removing the Dents.
Working on the Scratches
Dents Repaired
Old Step
New Step
More Polish Prep Work
Ready for Clear Coat Removal & Polishing
Passenger Side Polished
Driver Side Polished
Side by Side Comparison
And ... Here's the Polishing Champs out of San Diego, CA
Tony & AJ
Up Next - The Interior
Front View
Rear View
Passenger Side - View # 1
Passenger Side - View # 2
Driver Side
The Bathroom
Before We Get Started  we'll answer your Questions on the Integrity of the Trailer:
Axle OK?
Frame OK?
Sub Floor OK?
Under the Rubber Mat the Sub Floor was in Tact with no Water Damage but felt Weak.
We will add another Layer of Sub Floor to make it Sturdy.
Additional Sub Floor Shown.

So we could keep the Sub Floor Flush into the Bathroom,
Walls and Cabinets were taken down for Access.

Also shown is the Heater Removed with a Patch in it's
place on the Interior and Exterior.
Ready for Paint & Flooring!
The main body of the Trailer had been painted White but as we scrubbed it down with TSP a Beige was exposed
that matched the Upper Part of the Bathroom.
We think we are bringing it back to the original paint configuration.
Two Coats of Primer
Painted & New Marmoleum Flooring
Windows Overhauled ~ Comparison Shown
Birch Walls Up
TRhe Way It Was!
Bathroom Side of Wall is Melamine to Match Cabinets
Dinette that makes into a Bed / Storage under Seats
Couch / Bed
(Shown in Extended Bed Position)
Couch / Bed ~ Driver Side
(Shown in Couch Position)
Dining Area Seat Backs Angled for Comfort
Front Storage Access Door ~ Passenger Side
Passenger Side
Bathroom Door Installation Coming Soon
Kitchen Light
Ceiling Light Removed & Puck Lights Installed
(Touch Up Painting Coming Soon)
Kitchen / Fridge
Bathroom Cabinets
(Photo on Left is Under Developed - Sorry)
Hitch Work
Dee's Bathroom Door Solution Worked Out Great
Dining Table /  Bed Platform
(Once Mounted will be Straight!)
Cute Litte Cutting Board
Access to Stoage
TV & Receiver Installed
Big Time Refurbishing on the Entry Door
Here comes the Custom Built Gray Water Tank Installation & Re-Configuration of the Belly Pan
Aluminum Work on the Gray Water Tank / Belly Pan & Rear Stabilizers Shown
Front Stabilizers Shown
Towel Rack & Paper Towel Holder
Curved Shower Rod
Sporting New Airstream Signs
Pretty in White
Spectacular in Silver
Here Comes the Window Treatment
Nice Clean Look!
Alan & Dee Headed to the Upholstery Shop
There They Go!
Upholstered & Ready to Play Cards
She's a Beauty
Click to Enlarge Drawing
In for a

This One Needs
"A Whole Lot of