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Flying Cloud
Coming In for Restoration
"The Rest of the Story
Exterior Before Restoration Pictures
Exterior Detailed Damge
Driver Side
Passenger Side
Water Doc's Trailer had a "Chilly" Start
A Whole Lot of Wiring Going On - Interior
Removed Bumper - Will Fabricate a Storage Box for the Rear - Original bumper will go back on
Before Picture
Crinkled Eyebrow showed on the left.

New one fabricated.
That's Joe stripping the Zolatone off the Rear
That's Pete stripping the Zolatone off the Rear
Side Panels all Installed / Front & Rear Prepped for the Polishers
And ... Look What Nathan towed in from the Polisher!
Shiny Interior End Caps
Applying Primer to  the Interior Walls
Paint Looks Distorted because of the Reflection but it is Nice!
Snazzy Door
Before Polish
Storage Box Building Begins
Storage Box Progress
Bumper Primered
Storage Box Complete
Storage Box Shown in Open Position
Search for Window Seal Replacements
Hitch Refurbished
Time Consuming Window Refurbishing
Floor Installed
Window Gaskets in Gray Installed on all Windows
Hinge on Storage Box Shown
Got the Hitch all Tuned Up ~ Electric Jack will be Added
Retro Looking Eyebrow will help keep Water Out on Rainy Days
A Whole Lot of Construction going On
Closet with Shelves & Desk Area Roughed Out
Bed Platform & Storage Access Doors
Access Doors & Bed Platform Painted
Electric Jack
Floor Buckle Fix
(We Hope)
A whole Lot of Plumbing Going On
Under the Kitchen Sink Area Plumbing
Good Picture of the Plumbing "Trail"
Chrome Threshold Under Cover to Avoid Scratches
Installed Tongue Bracketry, LP Bottles & Related Equipment
Shower & Toilet is in
Fridge is in - Gave it a Stainless Look
Dining Area Started
All Hidden in the Above Seating Cabinet
Sink Counter Started
Hallway View ~ Nice Progress Picture
The End Caps being Stainless provides a lot of reflection.  Really gives the trailer a feeling
of being much larger than it actually is.