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Before Picture of Driver Side & Rear
Before Picture of Passenger Side
Before Picture of Front
Before Picture of The Interior Front
Passenger Side Interior Before Picture - The Cabinet Stays
Driver Side Interior Before Picture - The Cabinet Stays
Close-Up of Driver Side Interior Cabinet Before Picture
Close-Up of Driver Side Windows Before Picture
Removing the Interior
Floor Out (View 1)
Getting Started on Sheet Metal Damage
That's Pete Drilling out the Old Rivets
Getting Closer to Removing Damaged Panel & Fabricating a New One
It's Off !
It's On & Here Come the Rivets
Panels marked for Replacement
Replacing Panels
Laying out the "Alien Windows"
(Yes, Alien Windows Front & Back)
Sporting her License Plate as she makes her trip for Soda Blasting
Repair is Complete ... Markings for Fender Skirts?
Multiple Panels Replaced - Big Time Compound Curves!
Rear View of Panels Replaced + Markings for Windows
Two Panels Replaced on Driver Side
Before & After View of Soda Blasting
(Similar to Sandblasting but not as hard on the Metal)
Front View - Got the Holes cut for the "Alien Windows"!
The Color Variation on the Left shows the Replaced Panels.
Once the trailer is polished everything matches!
Rebuilding the Entry Door
The "Oh So Cool" Air Intake
Side View of Air Intake
Belly View of Air Intake
Alien Eyes Rear Windows Installed
(Louvers will go in the rectangular openings
Boat Tail's First Air Intake Fitting
(More Alterations Needed)
Sparks are Flying ~ Time for The Tongue/Hitch To Go
New Exterior Front Look
(Sure looks better with the Ugly Hitch Cut Off)
New Axle Installation Coming Soon
Bye Bye Old Axle
Restored Sky Light
(Original Frames - New Crystal Clear Glass)
103 Screws in each Sky Light
And ... With the Removal of the Tongue/Hitch comes the Body Frame, too.
Isn't She a Beauty?
Exterior Taking Shape
New Frame Work Begins
View of Tongue / Hitch From A Distance
Interior Front as She Awaits New Frame
The 36' Has a Tongue & Hitch
And .... Here comes the Sub-Floor
Close Up of the Axle
Oh Yea .... That Boat Tail
Sky Light Overhaul Using Original Frames
Raw Window Opening Shown
Checking the Fit
Wood Form Built ~ Window Seals Being Formed
Lots of time in these!
Hundreds of Tiny Blocks & Wood Strips in Preparation for Insulation & Interior Wood
Insulation Completed
Look What Just Came Rolling in from the Polisher!
Eyebrows, Bumper & Louvers Permanently Installed
Sporting Packard Tail Lights
Original Roof Vent needs a Patch ~ Going to need something pretty "artsy" to look good on
this trailer!
That's Pete building the Cover
Now ... This is a Door!
and ...Here Comes the Bed Platform
and ...
Here's Mark from Artist Upholstery making the Interior Cushions that Kim designed
and ...
Here's the 36's LUSH Dining Area
and ...
Here's the 36's Comfy Sleeping Area
Good Looking Cushion Stop
The doors give access to plumbing,
holding tanks, etc
and ... Gotta Have a Door Stop
Water Pump Fresh Water Tank & Heater is all under the Bed
Access shown on Bed Platform
Fill her UP ~ With Water That Is
New Tanks / Hoses / Regulators
What's behind the Door?  
It's a Shower!
White Hot Water Tank Door now Matches the Trailer
Front and Rear Marker Lights ~They are Awesome Lit Up
Fender Skirt Using it's Hinges / Axle is Out &  She's up in the Air for the
Belly Pan
The Belly ~ In the Works
Just Step On In!
Since the Axle was already off,
decided to raise the Trailer up
4"- 5" so you do not have to
worry about scraping the bottom.
Without the Step it wasn't
comfortable to get in and out.

Here we are showing 36'
Raised up 4" - 5" .
Only way to get Rid of the Water Leaks at the door was to Divert the Water with an
Eyebrow.  Didn't plan on it but it looks very cool.
Flooring In
Pretty in White!
Spectacular in Silver
Floor Out (View 2)
Floor Out (View 3)
The Journey of the 1936 Airstream
Yes ... We do Fender Skirts!
Original Lower Panel showing the Rivet Pattern to Duplicate

Does Your Trailer Need a Little
Sierra Trailer Restoration Delivers Fantastic Metal Artistry
Attached to the Pretty Hitch is the New Frame.
See the New Axle?
Everything is now Black because we painted all the Bare Metal Anti  Rust  POR 15
Custom Trim Fabricated to Clean Up the Lower Exterior Edge
Close Up of the Tail Pieces Coming Together
Made a Fancy Holder for the Very Cool License Plate
(Front & Rear)
Electrical & Starting to Fit in the Panels ~ Going to be Warm & Cozy
Front of Trailer
Ceiling View Showing Paneling
Paneling the Sides
Rear Sections Just About Complete
Original Interior Lights Restored
Okay ~ Windows & Skylights Are In!
Here We Go on Interior Walls and Cabinets
Photo Shows Rear Cabinet Openings and Bed Platform
A Little Bit Further on the Bed Platform + Openings for the Drawers
On the Left is the Original Kitchen Cabinet Moved Back In
Moving Forward On The Sink Portion of the Kitchen.
The Area To The Right of the Sink is Toilet Area.
(Passenger Side)
Framing In The Driver Side Which Will Be Stove & Refrigerator Portion of The Kitchen + Shower Area
(Driver Side)
Building Stove & Refrigerator Area / Metal Cabinet is Original
Shower Area is to the Right of Cabinet
(Driver Side)
Shower Area

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Shower Enclosure
Baton Boards and a Whole Lot of Shellac Going On.
(Rear of Trailer)
Front of Trailer Trimmed Out
Rear of Trailer Trimmed Out
Stove Area Detail
Seating Area Trimmed Out & Table Built
Notice Storage Access on Seating Bench
Customer Gary Picking Up His  36'