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                Airstream Polishing
Sierra Trailer Restoration does not have an in house polisher.  We collect names of folks with Airstreams and when we
get 6 trailers lined up, our polisher comes to town to do them.  If you would like to be on the list, click  on the envelope
below and send us an email.   Be sure to include the body length of your trailer and if it has been clear coated.  
Pointers for Keeping Your Trailer Shiny
"Tips from Tony"
Best to Keep Trailer stored in a Covered Garage or Storage Area / Car Port.
Often that is not possible so the next best thing is to buy a cover for it.  A cover that is soft on the inside and
waterproof on the outside and fits snug.  Covering the Trailer with a loose fitting Tarp is
not a good idea.  As
the wind gets in between the Tarp and the Trailer, the Tarp will Scratch your Trailer.
Use Deionized Water and a Mild Liquid Soap to Wash Your Trailer.  Aim for Washing Once a Month.
Dry Trailer with Microfiber Towels (available at Costco).
To remove spots use Windex and a Microfiber Towel.
To remove stubborn spots use Mineral Spirits (available at Home Depot type Stores) and Corn Starch.  Wet
Microfiber Towel with Mineral Spirits then mix in some Corn Starch on to the towel.  Rub this paste onto your