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Brian & Jeni's  ~  Airstream
"A Beautiful 1954 Vintage Trailer"
"Before Pictures"
Passenger Side
Driver Side
Got a few Boo Boo's
We'll Get Her Fixed!
Not Many Exterior Problems for a Trailer this Age!
We'll give these Wheels  a Tune Up
Let' Go Inside so we can document what it use to look like on the Inside.
Step Could Use Some Work
Interior Front
Kitchen Area
Kitchen Counter
Passenger Side
Passenger Side
Dressing Area on Passenger Side
Bedroom Window & Cabinet
Passenger Side - Bedroom
Driver Side - Bedroom
Sub Floor
Bathroom Entrance
Roof Top Paint Has been Stripped & Here They Go On The Polishing
Passenger Side
Driver Side
Before & After Picture of the Rear
What a Beauty!
Interior Gutted ~ Front View ~ Floor Repair & New Marmoleum Coming Soon
Interior Gutted ~ Bedroom View
Original Cabinets to be Saved when Possible
A Whole Lot of Sanding Coming soon!
Floor  Repairs
Bedroom Floor  Repairs
Rear of Trailer - New Paint
Front of Trailer - New Paint
Pretty Pretty Marmoleum!
Time Consuming Window Overhaul:

1.  Pull Out Windows
2.  Steel Wool Window Frames
3.  Replace Window Screens
4.  Replace Gaskets

Before Overhaul
Dent Fixed
Driver Side Windows Refurbished
Rear Window Refurbished
Black Tank Install in the Works
Ceiling Fan/Vents ... A Whole Lot of Wiring Going On!
Strip / Sand / Stain Original Cabinets
More Pieces to the Cabinet Puzzle
Progress Picture
Kitchen Cabinet Overhaul
Pretty Parts Ready for Installation
Starting to Take Shape
Piece by Piece Putting Interior Back In
Showing Cabinet Color ChaNGE
Cabinet Color Comparison

Daughter's Airsteam Poem
Click Here
Progress on the Kitchen Cabinet
Progress Pics
Marmoleum Counter Top looks Great with the Marmoleum Floor
Passenger Side Sporting Latches & Looking Good
Kitchen Sink Sporting Some Fancy Trim & A New Faucet
Bathroom Sink Ties In Nicely ~ Check Out the Aluminum on the Side!
Bedroom Interior Walls
Bumper Overhaul
Hitch Overhaul
Pretty Passenger Side Patches
Dining Area Dreaming of Cushions & Curtains
Dining Area showing Center Light
Dining Table in Bed Position
Flip Table & Cutting Board
Bathroom all Trimmed Out
Rock Guard for Window
                                     Refurbished Step & Trimmed Out Entrance
Cabinet Above Rear Window
Entry Door Refurbishing & Re-Screening
"In The Works"
Tail Light Lenses On!
Buttoning Up The Belly Pan
"In The Works"
Original Step
Everything Old will be New Again Once We Remove the Entire Interior, Refurbish It & Put it all Back in Exactly as it Was
New Door Eyebrow  & Fancy Roof Line
New Dining Table with Original Table Leg
Nostalgic Original Table Top Can Sit on Top of New Table top for a Trip Down Memory Lane
"Memories ... It's All About the Memories"
Passenger Side Complete
That's It Folks
She's On Her Way Back to Reno, Nevada where Her Owners will Complete the Look with The Original Curtains
Brian & Jeni
(Bye Bye Pretty Trailer)