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Passenger Side
Driver Side
Rear Entrance to Bedroom Area
Bedroom Area - Rear of Trailer
Bedroom Walls - Driver Side
Bedroom Walls - Passenger Side
Bedroom Closet
Bedroom Shelving & Door Area
Passenger Side Hallway & Closets
Kitchen Area
Interior Front & Those Trolley Windows!
Living Room Area & Front Door
General Look of the Interior
Front Panel Replaced
Paneling Removed
Windows Removed
Working on Trolley Windows - Yikes!
Rear & Floor Repairs
Rear Panels Replaced
More Sheet Metal Work
Picture Taken from Opposite End
Rear Floor Fix
Passenger Side Primered
More Primer Action
Aluminum Stripe on Driver Side ~ Primer Coming Soon
So What Colors Will The Trolley Top Be?
Pete's DeSoto Greens!
Driver Side Primed
Front & Rear Progress
Window Opening Masking
Refurbishing Original Windows
Continued Prep Work ~ That's Jason!
Continued Prep Work ~ That's  Dan & Kurt
Ready to Shoot Color # 1 ~ The Trolley Top
Driver Side
Passenger Side
Comparison Picture of the Front
Comparison Picture of the Rear
Progress Photo of Framing Strips and Installed Window Frames on Passenger Side
Passenger Side Close Up of Framing Strips
Window Frames
Old Window Frame & Custom Fabricated Duplicates
The Old Interior Window Trim
The New Interior Window Trim + Floor Patch (due to Wood Rot)
Floor Patch
Interior Front
Photo taken through the Rear Window
Interior Rear
That's Jason ~ Lovin this Trailer!
Marmoleum Installed & Looking Good
Time Consuming Trim Work But It Sure is Pretty!
Bedroom - View # 1
Bedroom - View # 2
Bedroom / Bathroom Walls
Bathroom / Shower Stall
There's Trailer King Jason Building the Kitchen
Kitchen View from Living Room
Front View of the Kitchen
Living Room with Those Great Little Trolley Top Windows
Those Little Windows - 8 Down
Those Little Windows - 1 To Go - Whew!
Rock Guards Looking Good
Next Week they will be Very Shiny!
Window Installation
"In The Works"

1953 Westcraft  Coronado Trolley Top
Here come Passenger Side Windows
And ... A couple Windows in on the Driver Side
Trick Latches for Upper Trolley Windows
Polisher Tony
Restored for Salley Jones