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This Airstream came to Sierra Trailer Restoration needing a check up.  The owners Pat & Pam
Harrington had recently bought this little cutie.  They just wanted to make sure everything was
in good working order before they ventured out.  Like most people, they wanted to make it
"their own".  In this case that meant the wood floors had to go & so did the awning.  The Front
Visor was in bad shape so we thought we'd build them a new one "out of aluminum".  It turned
out so awesome that we may be selling them here on this website soon.  
1968 Airstream
Land Yacht

New Front Visor
New Floor
a Check - Up
New Floor / New Front Visor
a Check - Up
Sierra Trailer Restoration (530) 265-4485
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. Check Black Water Tank
. Modify Dining Area/Bed
. Remove Awning
. Check All Lights
. Repair Door Latch
. Leak Check
. Check Cook Stove
. New Linoleum Floor
. Paint Tongue
. Repaint Step
. Repaint Rear Bumper
. Custom Build & Install
New Front Visor
. Cap Wires & Build New
Cover for Belly Pan
Airstream 1968 13' Caravel Land Yacht in for a Check-Up, New Front Visor & New Floor
Pam . Pat . Pete
(Photo Taken 11/22/08)
Does your Airstream need a little Check-Up?