Outside Photo of " The Mystery Trailer ".  Those red arrows are the turn
signals.  Awesome !
The Mystery Trailer

This 1936 trailer is the only
one known to exist.  The
trailer resembles a Bowlus
Papoose but it is not one.  
The trailer has no name
badge but appears to be
factory made.  We recently
gave this beauty a ground
up restoration.  
Pete just outside " The Mystery Trailer's " front door.  That
window to his left is an add on -  it wasn't always there.
The two big eyes looking down at you are the sky lights.  Check out the finish on the stainless.
This is a shot of the kitchen.  It's a wrap around horseshoe shape and the stovetop
and sink is done in all copper.  
The Mystery Trailer
Front view  "Mystery Trailer".
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